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Trial Lawyers Alliance


About Us

For 80 years, the New York City Trial Lawyers Alliance has encouraged the development of collegial relationships between bench and bar, in the firm belief that the bond between attorneys and the judges before whom they appear, once established and thereafter enhanced through sociable interaction, serves the best interests and highest aspirations of our noble profession.


Our membership and our Board are drawn from all segments of the trial bar. We are counsel to both plaintiffs and defendants. We recognize that there is a critical difference between robust advocacy on the one hand and mean-spirited antagonism on the other, and we therefore work tirelessly to nurture and promote the former at the expense of the latter.


At our annual dinner each October, we present the coveted Harlan Fiske Stone Award to a deserving member of the judiciary and the Lifetime Achievement Award to a devoted member of the bar. Throughout the year, we offer a broad range of accredited continuing legal education programs, led in many instances by Alliance members. In so doing, we give voice to our cherished principles and proudly announce our continuing and indefatigable commitment to civility, honor and mutual respect.

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